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Lean-to Conservatories – Cost Effective Options?

Budget Lеаn-tо Conservatory Options

Lеаn-tо conservatories have a square or rectangular architectural design, just like the Edwardian style conservatory. The Lean-to roof is sloped and often attached to one of the walls of the house.

Some call them Garden Rooms or Sunrooms and, due to their modern design and functionality, they are ideal for a wider range of modern house styles that are themselves low pitched – such as bungalows.

These Lean-to conservatoires are also available in several different colour frames and roof glazing options.

Many suppliers and manufacturers have DIY (do it yourself) kits which enable people to build their own rooms. This is one of the factors that can make a lean-to conservatory a very cost effective option (if you have the skillset to do the work yourself!) because you will save money on the cost of labour, which can be expensive dependent on how much a contractor would charge in your location.

Used quite often as an “entry level” home extension, lean-to conservatory prices have become very competitive as their popularity breeds healthy rivalry between suppliers and manufacturers alike to come up with great deals to tempt more buyers.

Materials used for both DIY and profession installations range from UPVC & Timber to Aluminium with all types having “budget” or “high-end” versions.

“Supply only” lean-to conservatory deals from companies vary in what is (and what is not) included in the package, so carefully compare what is on offer before committing to buy. You may think one deal is better priced than another only to find out after you buy it that a steel base was included in the one you did not buy but not in yours!

A small lean-to conservatory would be in the region of around 3 x 3 metres (10ft x 10ft) in floor area and probably be the smallest size that would be comfortable to use as living space. But of course the size of the room you can build is going to be limited to the amount of space you have in which to build it.

Be aware that for a small conservatory, you should have doors that open outward so as not to lose out on interior space – French Patio Doors work particularly well with small conservatories. However, if you are lucky enough to be able to fit a large conservatory, then fitting Bi-fold doors will really open up the room in a spectacular fashion.

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